Book Mound

If you look on the sidebar of this blog, you'll see that I have a section called "On My Reading Table." Ha! That sounds very genteel. What I actually have is a book mound. I suspect many writers do.

In addition to the enormous book mound on top of one of my bookcases, I have unread books squirreled away on every bookshelf. Some are from the library; some I purchased because I needed to research an author in my genre. I've read some of the research books all the way through. I've only skimmed some of the others, or even booky-booed them.

A looky-loo in real estate is someone who comes to ogle a property with no intention of buying. A booky-boo is someone who picks up a book, reads the back cover, starts reading a few pages of the opening, flips to halfway through and reads a paragraph, then files the book away for reading on some nameless future day when the booky-boo has "free time."

I've booky-booed a number of the books on my shelves. Is any writer out there disciplined enough to actually read one book before buying another? Maybe I have so many booky-booed books because I bought them for research purposes, acquiring them more rapidly than I could ever hope to read them.

Here's to book hoarders everywhere! Better books than cats, right?