My Favorite Restaurant...Ever

Tosca Lee is an excellent writer whom I cyber-interviewed some time ago. I also met her at the ACFW conference, and found her very interesting and multilayered, though I didn't manage to make much conversation as I was stricken by a bout of unusual shyness. (How do I find a person multilayered if we don't talk much? Well, that's a subject for a post later this week!)

The other day, Tosca started a Facebook conversation about whether we liked oysters and mussels. I like oysters raw, and I like them in po-boys (blame my Louisiana connections). I only like mussels in Spanish food.

Our discussion reminded me of what I still call my favorite restaurant, though over a decade has passed since the last time I ate there.

It's Malaga, a Spanish restaurant in New York City.


I've eaten in swankier places than Malaga. I've had more exotic and more expensive meals.

But if I could choose to go right now to any restaurant for dinner, and take ten of my best friends, I would choose Malaga.

Malaga is family-owned, and you feel it. The service is down to earth and friendly, but expert. The sangria is amazing. The food is out of this world (try the Mariscada Diablo, if you like seafood with a kick.)

I've eaten in many fine restaurants over the years. Malaga stands at the top. I discovered one day that my former employer and friend from NYC also calls Malaga his favorite restaurant, though we have never eaten there together. And he can afford to eat anywhere he wants, anytime!

Do you have a restaurant that stands out in your memory as "the best?" Why?