Deadline Day!

I am much relieved to have submitted my second novel's edits to my wonderful freelance editor today.

My contract is for three books in this series. Being two-thirds of the way through the contract is a really good feeling.

Now, I have another novel to draft in the next couple of months. The relief beyond words will come when that third one is turned in, but today, I am going to savor the accomplishment of finishing the second. I made it, with a little help from my friends. And there were definitely moments when I thought I wouldn't get through!

Every writer is different--every book process is different. But dear friends, if you are ever in a tough spot with a deadline and you need to talk to someone who understands, I'm your woman.

SO what do I get to do in this short break while I wait a couple of days to approve line edits? (Yes, we're on hyperdrive to get this novel typeset, so my superhero editor is making her end of the line edit happen in three days. And she has the skills to do it!)

I want to go on a bike ride with my daughter.

I want to finish my book trailer for Fairer than Morning, which is kind of a fun project.

I want to clean my house and car from their permacluttered state ever since this rewrite began. (I admit, they're not perfect at the best of times. :-)

What are you doing with these last days before school starts? Or, if school's not part of your life, how are you spending the last days of summer?